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    JSC Commercial shipping and seafood processing Long Hai (called the Long Hai Corporation) was founded in 2002, with the main line of business is manufacturing export frozen surimi, powder fish used as feed … With conveniently located adjacent fishing port of Lach Bang (Hai Binh – Tinh Gia – Thanh Hoa), is home to purchase large quantities of raw fish in the North should we actively been abundant materials with high quality.

    Frozen surimi products (also known as surimi) made on 02 synchronous lines imported from South Korea with a total capacity of 90 tons / day. […] Read more

  • Typical products

    • Steamed fish, whole dried powder 65% protein

      - SKU (product code): A65 – Standards of Quality (Quality standard) Total protein (protein): Min 65% Freshness (total N2 evaporate): ≤ 130mg / 100g Humidity (Moisture): <10% Impurities (Ashes): <2% The fat […] Read more

    • Surimi Itoyori SA 700+

      - Tiêu chuẩn chất lượng (Quality standard) Độ dai (Gel strength): 700+ Độ trắng (Whiteness): 78+ Độ ẩm (Moisture): 75+-1 – Nguyên liệu: cá bánh đường (Seabream)

    • Pure water

        – Applying the standards: QCVN 6-1: 2010 / BYT and NTR 01: 2009 / BYT – Is the guarantee food safety, standard of service bottled water consumers.

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    JSC Commercial shipping and seafood processing LongHai
    Address: Village Tien Phong, Hai Binh commune, Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa province
    Phone: 0373.615.811

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